Improve Efficiency - Traditional attachment methods, such as wiring, allow the blower to sag and bolting the blower directly to a flange often results in
an improper fit. Using either technique reduces the amount of air flow, thus decreasing the blower's efficiency. The Cobra Clamp's patented design
keeps the blower held firmly in place and maximizes the blower's ventilation efficiency.

Simple Installation - The Cobra Clamp's light weight design and simplified installation allows one individual to safely and effortlessly attach any air
moving device to a tank, vessel, or flange.

Improve Safety - Traditional attachment methods restrict employee egress during emergency situations. The Cobra Clamp has been designed to eliminate this
deadly hazard from confined space work. In the event an emergency arises and sudden evacuation is necessary, applying enough force on the blower from the inside
will allow it to detach from the clamp, giving the worker a means of egress. Additionally, the blower is always tethered to the clamp, allowing only 18 inches of blower


Our approach is simple; we provide the best air moving clamps in the industry, anything
else is unacceptable. Cobra Clamp's unique patented design makes air mover installation
quick, easy, and most of all safe. Standard size or customized, the Cobra Clamp is the
only option for attaching your blower!